Fuel your career with The Institutes CPCU Society mentoring program! Whether you're a mentor, a mentee, or both, you'll surely find mentoring to be a rewarding part of your membership experience. This program is open to all paid CPCU Society members and candidate members.

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Two Ways to Participate!
Choose the mentoring path that best fits you! With traditional mentoring, a mentor will work with you for a 6-month period to help you meet your goals. With flash mentoring, you can meet with a mentor for a one-time conversation to network and discuss your career. 

Mentoring for CPCU Candidate Members
Mentoring is not just for CPCU designees! As a candidate mentee, you can join this program to help you succeed through your CPCU® journey—whether you seek advice on passing a particular exam or need encouragement to take the next step. The CPCU Society mentoring program is open to all paid CPCU Society candidate members.

Can I be both a mentor and mentee?
Yes! You are welcome to sign up for career mentoring as well as mentor CPCU candidates.

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What participants say

“Mentoring has allowed me the opportunity to engage and encourage others, share valuable experiences and knowledge, enhance my leadership skills, yet more importantly, build new relationships throughout our organization."
- Brett Clausen, CPCU, Mentor

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